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SPEED is the ability to move the body in one direction as fast as possible
AGILITY is the ability to accelerate, decelerate, and quickly change directions
QUICKNESS is the ability to react and change body position with a maximum rate of force

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At NRG Athletics we have sessions for all age groups from 6-year-olds to the college level. We do not separate the athletes based on skill level until there is a need to do so. We believe a happy athlete is a hard-working athlete, and most young kids enjoy the hustle and grind when surrounded by like minded kids of the same age. Only when a certain level of comfort and skill is established, we will “level up” our athletes to the next group. Most young athletes are extremely nervous and hesitant when walking into a new environment where hustle and grind is the philosophy. It can be very overwhelming. In keeping with our philosophy at NRG, kids come first, and it is our goal as coaches to make sure each athlete that walks into our gym is comfortable enough to be themselves while meeting new kids. By establishing a positive environment, we can ensure each athlete gets the proper work they need while also maintaining a competitive environment.

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We believe that every kid should start their athletic journey young. Most young kids have a desire to start playing sports at a young age. And we are here for them. Most kids develop their own style of running by human nature. We are here to help clean that up and teach them the proper technique and fundamentals. When it comes to this age bracket, we focus a lot on core strength and developing the proper knee drive, arm action and body angles. By developing these core functions, we can ensure that when they move up to the next level they will be set up for success.

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Years old

By the time they are 8 years old they will have a pretty good idea of their competition and skill level. Here is where we begin to mold the athlete to be successful in their chosen sport. We begin teaching them more advanced techniques at a faster pace with more intensity. Focusing a lot on lower body strength and movements.

Here is when we put it all together and truly focus on the mantra of Hustle and Grind. When in this group you are expected to always give maximum effort. Kids in this group are about to start their school team journey and it is our job to make sure they are ready. While we still always focus on the technique and fundamentals, we will always challenge them and push them to their limits. These sessions are always anchored with “Train fast, Play Fast”.



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