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NRG Football

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NRG's primary goal is to provide a location for all youth football players to come and learn from some of the best football coaches in the area. NRG focuses on positional breakdown learning for both Offense and Defensive positions. What that means is on specific days there will be dedicated time slots that each position will be worked on. Offense on one day and Defense on another. Working on a positional schedule will allow future players to focus on the skills and agility needed to become well-rounded football players at their respective position without overloading them with too much information. We will focus not only on the skills each position dictates, but also instill the fundamentals a player needs to perform not only on a high level but do it safely.


With young football players, we do not focus on certain positions but drive home the
need to know EVERY position. At this change, their bodies, and skills level varies from season to season. Positions change. With that, every session, we focus on a new position every week. On Offensive days, one week may be RB, the next will be WR. We will work in blocking techniques, aiming points, stances and starts, tackling, etc. Our goal is to help create a well-rounded football player.

MS/JV/V (AGES 11-18)
By this point, most football players will have a dedicated position or a position they are
shooting for. At this age, they are in middle school and above. Here we break up each positional group on certain days and fine tune and dive into the details of the position. From footwork to stance and starts to transition, we try to cover it all. Teaching more advanced technique and fundamentals each position dictates.


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