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In any and every sport; parents, players, and coaches are always looking to improve speed. Just working on sport specific skills and/or the weight room, will not get you the results desired as being a part of a structured SAQ program. At NRG we have created and modified SAQ to suite each athlete’s needs. From strength training to speed training to flexibility. We try and hit it all.


Different athletes need different areas addressed. There are different needs for speed training, different for quickness, and different from strength, all based on the athlete and the sport. Our program caters to each athletes needs and whether they need to work on a particular area or fine tune it. We work all 3 main areas of SAQ. Maximum speed, acceleration, and multidirectional.

Athletes need to develop speed in all directions, not just linearly. This is especially true of field athletes. We set up our schedule and workouts to make sure all of our athletes get a variety of speed training, and nothing is ever boring. We prepare the athletes for each training session; we always begin with a dynamic warm-up that goes from either general to modality specific. The warm-up is specific to the type of speed training taking place that day.


A multidirectional day should have a different warm-up than an acceleration day and the same with strength days. We want each athlete to be prepared for the workout as best they can be. Simply improving mechanics is one of the easiest ways to improve speed. We want our athletes to understand when and how they should be moving. Correcting faults and fine-tuning their mechanics will get them moving as efficiently as possible. Improved efficiency means improving speed. And when we do that, we create a faster, quicker athlete every coach needs!

SPEED AND AGILITY for all sports

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